See LeddarTech at: Image Sensors Auto Americas

October 17-18, 2019
Hayes Mansion, San Jose, CA

Taking place in San Jose, CA, Image Sensors Auto Americas will focus on the technical developments that are helping move towards autonomous and connected vehicles.

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Featured Presentation

Pierre Olivier, LeddarTech CTO, and Pierre Lefèvre, Coast Autonomous CTO,  will take a deep dive into a real-world use-case for LiDAR technology deployment in autonomous shuttles. Attendees will walk out of this session with the answers to the following key questions:

  • Why is LiDAR required to ensure safety in autonomous shuttles for both passengers and vulnerable road users?
  • How will autonomous shuttles positively impact busy urban centers?
  • What goes into the decision-making process when choosing the technology required in an autonomous shuttle?
  • Why is a mix of solutions required (e.g.: LiDAR and Camera)?

This session will also introduce the Leddar Pixell, a cocoon LiDAR developed collaboratively to address a growing market gap in autonomous vehicles.

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