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LeddarTech’s automotive ADAS and AD software solutions offer comprehensive end-to-end raw data fusion and perception software enabling customers to solve critical challenges across the entire value chain. CES represents the perfect venue to meet with industry movers and shakers and to present our enabling solutions for OEMs and Tier 1-2 suppliers.


LeddarTech also recommends that delegates visit the following partner organizations where its technology is in play:


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LeddarTech Exhibition Highlights


LeddarVision Front – Entry-Level

For customers seeking to develop entry-level ADAS safety and highway assistance L2/L2+ applications

Officially introduced at CES 2023,  LVF-E is a comprehensive front-view fusion and perception stack for entry-level ADAS L2/L2+ highway assist and 5-star NCAP 2025/GSR 2022. LeddarTech’s low-level fusion (LLF) technology pushes the performance envelope, doubling the effective range of the sensors and enabling for the first time a solution with only a single 1.2-megapixel 120-degree front camera and two short-range front corner radars in a 1V2R configuration. Low-cost sensing, together with efficient implementation on the TDA4L platform, achieves the lowest system cost for L2/L2+ entry-level ADAS.

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B-sample is planned for Q2 2023, targeting vehicle SOP in 2025/6.

LVF-E Product Page


LeddarVision Front – High-End

For customers seeking to develop premium ADAS safety and highway assistance L2/L2+ applications

Featured for the first time at CES 2023. With sensor configuration extended to 1V5R based on a single 3-megapixel 120-degree camera, single front medium-range radar and four short-range corner radars, the LVF-H stack extends the perception support to highway assist applications, including 160 km/h adaptive cruise control, 200-meter range and semi-automated lane change. It also enhances the NCAP 2025 support for overtaking/reverse/dooring scenarios. Furthermore, with efficient implementation on the TDA4 platform and a single Hailo-8 deep-learning accelerator, low-cost sensing achieves economic front-view L2/L2+ premium ADAS.

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B-sample is planned for Q3 2023, targeting vehicle SOP in 2026.

LVF-H Product Page

LeddarVision Software

LeddarVision: Low-level Sensor Fusion and Perception Software for Automotive and Off-Road Industrial Vehicles

LeddarVision™ is an advanced environmental perception solution for the automotive and mobility segments, from passenger light vehicles to off-road heavy industrial vehicles. LeddarVision software provides a comprehensive environment model delivering superior perception performance from any sensor set to enable and accelerate the development of high-performance solutions that are scalable from ADAS to highly automated driving (HAD).

Based on LeddarTech’s comprehensive and demonstrated low-level sensor fusion expertise, LeddarVision software processes sensor data to achieve a reliable understanding of the vehicle’s environment required for navigation decision-making and safer driving.

LeddarVision resolves many limitations of legacy ADAS perception architectures by providing:

  • Scalability from ADAS to AD/HAD
  • Flexible modularity to effectively handle a growing variety of use cases, features and sensor sets
  • Centralized, sensor-agnostic object-level fusion, which optimally fuses all sensors for higher and more reliable performance.

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Where to see LeddarTech at CES

LeddarTech booth # 5475
LVCC / West Hall-Transportation/Vehicle Technology


About CES 2023

If it is happening in the world of tech, it is happening at CES, and when the global industry comes together in one place, opportunity is inevitable. Meet partners, customers, media, investors, and policymakers face-to-face. CES is where you can meet your next connection and achieve your business goals.

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January 5-8, 2023

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Featured Content

Tech Note – The Need, Techniques and Advantages of Raw Data Sensor Fusion for ADAS and AD

In this technical note, you will discover the benefits of using raw data sensor fusion over traditional “object fusion” to enhance the performance of ADAS and AD systems by delivering highly accurate and reliable object detection and classification.

Brochure – LeddarVision Sensor Fusion & Perception Software

The LeddarVision software platform combines AI and computer vision technologies as well as deep neural networks with computational efficiency to scale up the performance of ADAS/AD sensors and hardware that are essential for planning the driving path.

e-book – Sensor Fusion and Perception Fundamentals

LeddarVision provides a different, innovative approach to understanding the vehicle’s changing environment with raw-data fusion. leveraging 3D reconstruction, artificial intelligence (AI), and computer vision to turn sparse data into a most precise dense 3D environmental model. The e-book explains the main features and components of this sensor fusion and perception solution.


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