LeddarCore LCA2 SoC Production Samples Available Now.

Production version of the LeddarCore LCA2 system-on-chip demonstrates enhanced LiDAR performance and resolution with a SoC and software designed to meet functional safety requirements.

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The Most Widely Adopted Auto and Mobility LiDAR Platform

The platform enables Tier-1 manufacturers and AD system integrators with mass-market solid-state LiDAR technology for autonomous driving applications.

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LeddarTech Signs Nagase & Co. Ltd as Its Exclusive Distributor for Japan  

LeddarTech selects Nagase as distributor of its mobility LiDAR products in Japan. A first collaborative event will take place at CAR-ELE-JAPAN in Tokyo on January 16-18, 2019, where they will showcase LeddarTech’s technology to the automotive industry. 

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LeddarTech Joins Baidu’s Apollo Autonomous Driving Open Platform

LeddarTech’s LiDAR technology will now be compatible with Apollo 3.5, the latest version of the platform, through the integration of an open source software development kit (SDK) which will facilitate the development for Tier-1 suppliers, OEMs, and other application developers.

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LeddarCore Automotive

LeddarTech Delivers Production Samples of the LeddarCore LCA2 System on Chip

LeddarCore LCA2 production samples demonstrate enhanced LiDAR performance and resolution with a SoC and software designed to meet functional safety requirements.

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LeddarTech and Cailabs Sign Agreement on Combining LIDAR and Laser Beam Shaping Solutions

LeddarTech has  entered an agreement with Cailabs to explore combining LeddarTech’s solid-state LiDAR technology with Cailabs’ laser beam shaping solutions for the automotive industry.  

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LeddarTech Selects BlackBerry’s QNX Operating System for its Auto and Mobility LiDAR Platform

The QNX OS for Safety runs the software at the core of LeddarTech’s innovative automotive LiDAR development platform that enables the design of differentiated LiDAR solutions tailored to specific autonomous driving applications

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LeddarTech Accelerates Momentum with $US 23.7 Million in Bridge Financing

Latest financing to support LeddarTech’s accelerated growth and development efforts for its proprietary solutions based on its unique automotive LiDAR development platform, which is rapidly gaining traction with Tier-1 suppliers.

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LeddarTech Announces Exhibitor Status at CES 2019 at Its Award-Winning Pavilion in Las Vegas

The LeddarTech Pavilion at CES will showcase how the company sets itself apart within the LiDAR industry with its automotive LiDAR development platform and mobility solutions.

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LeddarTech’s Mobility Leadership Series Addresses Autonomous Driving and LiDAR Technologies in Europe

As part of the LeddarTech Mobility Leadership Series, two of its experts will take the stage at two different key European industry events.

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LeddarTech Increases Expertise in Automotive and Semiconductor Technology with the Appointment of Two Senior Executives

Adrian Pierce joins LeddarTech as Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development and Michael Poulin is nominated Vice President of Product Management.

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LeddarTech’s President & COO to Present Disruptive Market Forces in Autonomous Driving at TowerJazz 2018 Symposium

LeddarTech announces its participation at the US 2018 Technical Global Symposium (TGS) of TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry leader, on November 7, 2018, in Santa Clara, CA.

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