LeddarTech @ EcoMotion Exhibition

Visit the LeddarTech Showcase on the Event Floor 

When: May 22-24, 2023

Where: Booth #501 – Expo Tel Aviv, Rokach Blvd 101, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


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Our technical experts will demonstrate how low-level sensor data fusion technology simplifies complex sensor sets and eliminates the dependency on hardware to provide customers the flexibility to scale and deliver greater ADAS and AD performance more efficiently.

Visit the LeddarTech booth where our award-winning interactive demo dashboard will showcase the environment, product details and key benefits of LeddarTech’s sensor fusion and perception software LeddarVision.

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LeddarVision: Low-Level Sensor Fusion and Perception Software for Automotive and Off-Road Industrial Vehicles

LeddarVision™ is an advanced environmental perception solution for the automotive and mobility segments, from passenger light vehicles to off-road heavy industrial vehicles. LeddarVision software provides a comprehensive environment model delivering superior perception performance from any sensor set to enable and accelerate the development of high-performance solutions that are scalable from ADAS to highly automated driving (HAD).

Based on LeddarTech’s innovative low-level sensor fusion expertise, LeddarVision software processes sensor data to achieve a reliable understanding of the vehicle’s environment required for navigation decision making and safer driving.

LeddarVision resolves many limitations of legacy ADAS perception architectures by providing a solution that is:

  • High-performance
  • Cost-effective
  • Scalable
  • Sensor-agnostic



RIDE ALONG LeddarCar live: Delegates representing Automotive Tier 1-2 suppliers and OEMs are invited to book a real-world on-road demonstration of LeddarTech’s LeddarVision low-level fusion and perception software technology. Space is limited, so reserve your LeddarCar test drive today!

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About EcoMotion Tel Aviv, 2023

Discover Mobility 360

This year’s EcoMotion theme is Mobility 360! We are living through a mobility evolution propelled by new technologies influencing both public and private sectors alike. The smart mobility sector intersects with the development of smart cities, transportation, connectivity, automobiles, infrastructure, logistics, supply chain and so much more. Our annual expo and conference week is about bringing all these sub-sectors, themes and players together and to highlight the interconnectivity and interdependencies which will move the mobility sector forward.

Featured Content

Product Brief – LeddarVision™ LVF-E

LVF-E is a comprehensive fusion and perception software stack supporting entry-level ADAS safety and highway assistance L2/L2+ applications. Based on LeddarVision low-level fusion (LLF) and perception technology.

Product Brief – LeddarVision™ LVF-H

LVF-H is a comprehensive fusion and perception software stack supporting premium front-view L2/L2+ ADAS highway assistance and 5-star NCAP 2025/GSR 2022 safety applications.

Product Brief – LeddarVision™ LVS-2+

LVS-2+ is a comprehensive fusion and perception software stack supporting premium surround-view L2/L2+ ADAS highway assistance and 5-star NCAP 2025/GSR 2022 safety applications.


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