Levelling Up Road Safety Through AI in Automotive

– with Frantz Saintellemy of LeddarTech

LeddarTech’s President and COO, Frantz Saintellemy, is invited to the AI in Business podcast hosted by Daniel Faggella. Frantz shares his insights on the podcast to talk about the problems facing automotive OEMs and Tier 1-2 suppliers when it comes to safety and how regulations are beginning to catch up to the technology at play in these solutions.

Frantz shares his thoughts on a variety of topics ranging from automotive safety and the role that ADAS plays through new car assessment programs and active safety features to how technology and regulations have and continue to evolve. Tune-in to this exciting and informative 20-min conversation that is sure to leave you inquisitive and better-informed.

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A high-performance, sensor-agnostic automotive-grade perception solution that delivers highly accurate 3D environmental models using low-level sensor fusion. Its raw data fusion technology detects very small obstacles on the road with better detection rates and fewer false alarms than legacy “object fusion” solutions.

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Technical Note

This note explains what performance means in a perception system within the context of ADAS and AD and what key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to evaluate it. This note analyzes how KPIs translate to real-world driving scenarios and also explains concepts such as true positive & negative, false positive & negative, and confusion matrix.

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