LeddarTech Newsletter, February 2023 Edition

“Low-level fusion of sensor’s raw data is a true game changer for the industry.”

Charles Boulanger, LeddarTech CEO


LeddarTech executives share their thoughts on the key challenges of implementing cost-effective automotive automation systems and the role that the company plays in making next-generation ADAS a reality. Watch the 3-minute capsule.


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Deep Neural Networks in Perception Systems for Autonomous Vehicles


Learn about the fundamentals of deep neural networks, which are critical building blocks to realize vehicle autonomy and are employed in the various tasks required to accomplish autonomous driving, such as localization, path planning and perception.

Technical Note – PDF format – 6 min read

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LeddarVision Sensor Fusion and Perception Technology Overview / e-book


This e-book explains and illustrates the main features and benefits related to this advanced, cost-effective sensor fusion and perception solution, which requires low computational power and makes optimal use of available sensor suites.

PDF format – 10 min read

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