LeddarTech Newsletter,
May 2023 Edition

Improving Vehicle Safety and Performance:
The Next Steps in ADAS Testing

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Beyond all the marketing and interest around the fast-growing ADAS offerings, ADAS’ fundamental goal is to make our roads safer for everyone. New car assessment programs (NCAP) play a crucial role in reducing fatalities and crashes by testing and rating vehicles on their safety features, including ADAS.

In this blog, we put the emphasis on such programs and how they test the actual performance of ADAS systems. We examine the proposed changes to ADAS testing and which new features will be tested under NCAP.

ADAS S/W Development: Understanding the Role of Data in Perception Systems


We sit down with Dominique Plourde, Manager of data acquisition at LeddarTech to understand why data is a prerequisite to building perception software, the challenges, and how it enables expanded operational design domains.

Video – 12 min

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LVF-E: LeddarTech Enables

5-star NCAP Rating Using a Low-Cost Architecture

Product Brief

LVF-E is a comprehensive front-view fusion and perception stack for entry-level ADAS L2/L2+ highway assist and 5-star NCAP 2025/GSR 2022 designed to deliver robust performance using low-cost hardware, making safety accessible for all.

Product Brief – 4 min

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