LeddarTech Newsletter, November 2022 Edition

“I am excited to announce the next stage of LeddarTech’s evolution as a leader in automotive software for ADAS and AD applications.”

— Frantz Saintellemy, President and COO, LeddarTech


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Benefits of Raw Data Sensor Fusion in ADAS and AD Perception Software

Raw Data Sensor Fusion

This Technical Note explores the need for a raw data sensor fusion-based perception solution for ADAS and autonomous driving (AD), explains the principle, configurations and workings of sensor fusion, and demonstrates a practical application of sensor fusion in ADAS through attitude estimation. It concludes by presenting LeddarVision, a unique solution commercially available in the market today.

Technical Note – PDF format – 10 min read

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South Korea Accelerates the Commercialization of Autonomous Driving Vehicles

South Korea

Not all countries are equally invested in setting ambitious goals and taking meaningful actions to encourage safe and reliable autonomous driving practices. The thoughtful approach and commitment of the South Korean government in developing regulatory policies and in the urban preparedness for the commercialization of autonomous driving is an example for other countries to consider.

Web format – 6 min read

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LeddarVision: Perception Software Scalability

A sensor fusion and perception system that scales from L2 to L5 is key for ADAS and AD Development

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