LeddarTech Newsletter, September 2022 Edition

“Welcome to the first edition of our newly-styled LeddarTech newsletter with content specific to Automotive OEMs.”

Daniel Aitken, Vice-President, Global Marketing, Communications and Investor Relations


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Challenges of Sensor Fusion and Perception for ADAS and AD and the Way Forward

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Learn how raw data sensor fusion capabilities, sensor synchronization and upsampling underlie LeddarVision’s superior object detection performance, resulting in an accurate 3D RGBD environmental model scalable from ADAS to AD implementations.

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Generating 3D RGBD Environmental Modeling
With LeddarVision

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This demo video demonstrates how raw data sensor fusion provides superior lane and free space detection, 3D bounding boxes, and object detection and classification performance to deliver a comprehensive 3D RGBD environmental model for perception systems.

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