Investor’s Guide to Emerging Technologies: LeddarTech’s Transition From Private to Public

In this episode of the LeddarTech Lab podcast, host Michelle Dawn Moody talks to LeddarTech’s President and CEO, Frantz Saintellemy. They discuss LeddarTech’s journey from an R&D project to a publicly listed company on the Nasdaq. Frantz shares his insights on investing in ADAS, outlook for the future, industry trends and key pitfalls and opportunities that investors should be aware of.

About Frantz

Engineer, innovator and internationally recognized expert in advanced technologies, Frantz has 25 years of experience in the electronics and automotive sector, with specialized knowledge in automotive, autonomous driving, AI, IoT and automation applications, in addition to business and product development, applications engineering, global sales and marketing. A dedicated entrepreneur and philanthropist, he is also co-founder of Groupe 3737, an incubator and innovation center that houses more than 30 companies and start-ups, in addition to offering a framework for ideation to revenue generation.

Frantz joined LeddarTech in September 2017, having previously served as VP and General Manager of the Automotive and Industrial Division of Integrated Device Technology (NASDAQ: IDTI), a California-based company specializing in a broad array of complete mixed-signal solutions. Prior to IDT, Frantz was President and Executive VP of Global Sales and Marketing at ZMDI AG, a global supplier of MEMs-based sensor solutions for automotive and industrial applications, which was acquired by IDT in December 2015. Prior to ZMDI, Frantz was CTO and Corporate VP of Technical Marketing and Advanced Engineering Group at Future Electronics, a global distributor of semiconductors and passive, interconnect and electromechanical components.

Throughout his career, Frantz has produced numerous patents and technical innovations. He also founded and co-founded many successful start-ups and corporations, the likes of which include SMGT Inc., Q-Links Home Automation, Groupe Reno-Metrix, Capital Plus and OMNI Global, and sits on several boards and advisory committees.

Frantz holds degrees in electrical engineering, business and marketing, and is also a graduate of the MIT Sloan Engineering Fellows Program on Innovations and Global Leadership. He was appointed chancellor of the University of Montreal in October 2021.

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