The Journey to Smarter Parking With LeddarTech and Ficosa

In December 2022, Ficosa and LeddarTech announced the signing of a development and commercialization agreement for the development of a smart automatic parking assistant. The agreement between Ficosa and LeddarTech is an important milestone that enables car manufacturers to offer an improved experience using advanced driving assistance systems. Since December 2022, LeddarTech and Ficosa have announced the successful integration of LeddarTech’s advanced LeddarVision™ software with Ficosa’s cutting-edge surround-view camera system, along with other sensors such as radars, IMU and GPS. 

This 8-min episode, featuring Ficosa and LeddarTech, lifts the lid on the development and commercialization agreement. Tune in to a fascinating conversation that spans from the need for smart parking to sensor architecture and development framework to what it takes to bring an idea from concept to commercialization.