Flodraulic is leveraging LeddarTech’s high-performance, multi-element LiDAR sensors for full machine control and monitoring systems used in industrial applications worldwide.


QUEBEC CITY, August 27, 2019— LeddarTech®, an industry leader in providing the most versatile and scalable auto and mobility LiDAR platform™ in the market, announces that Flodraulic Group is LeddarTech’s premier LiDAR sensor integrator in full machine control and system monitoring.

Flodraulic, a leader in the design and manufacture of custom control system solutions , chose LeddarTech’s technology because of its ability to deliver high-performance, cost-effective, detection and ranging solid-state LiDAR sensors engineered for any environment. LeddarTech’s LeddarTM IS16 LiDAR sensors provide both distance and angular positioning while performing fast, continuous, and accurate analysis of an area of operation. As a result, the weather-resistant solid-state sensors can reliably detect, locate, and measure a wide range of objects, making it an ideal solution for deployment in harsh environmental conditions.

Flodraulic recently deployed 22 full machine control and monitoring systems to Marcrest, an agricultural machinery manufacturer based in Ontario, Canada. Marcrest’s Swing-Max power hitch with Auto Guidance is equipped with the first fully automated steering system for in-field baling and on-road travel. By leveraging Flodraulic’s system, and LeddarTech’s LiDAR sensor, agricultural operators using Marcrest’s power hitch can instantly double their small bale productivity. “Flodraulic is proud to be a pioneer in LiDAR technology as a system integrator in the design and manufacture of custom solutions for the Mobile, Oil & Gas and Industrial markets by adopting  LeddarTech’s innovative LiDAR solutions,” stated Chris Passmore, Director of Technologies at Flodraulic. “With over a decade of expertise in LiDAR technology and developing solutions based on their LeddarEngine, LeddarTech is the perfect partner for us to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.”

“We are honored that our solid-state LiDAR sensors were selected and trusted by Flodraulic to be part of their solutions to deliver highly-efficient industrial applications to market,” stated Adrian Pierce, VP of Global Sales & Business Development at LeddarTech. He went on to say, “Flodraulic’s strong Engineering team continues to successfully support their OEM partners through the concept, design, prototyping, and production stages of autonomous solutions using LiDAR technology

About Flodraulic

Flodraulic is a mobile systems integrator with expertise in creating full machine control and monitoring systems. Flodraulic strives to be the leader in the design and manufacture of custom solutions for the Mobile, Oil & Gas, and Industrial markets. Their systems can include the delivery of electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, remote control, diagnostics, remote monitoring, and asset tracking solutions.

Flodraulic has grown to 570 employees situated in 28 locations across Canada, the USA, and Europe.

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Contact: Frank Pirri, Sales & Product Manager, FD Flodraulic

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About LeddarTech®

LeddarTech is an industry leader providing the most versatile and scalable auto and mobility LiDAR platform based on the unique LeddarEngineTM which consists of a suite of automotive-grade, functional safety certified SoCs working in tandem with proprietary LeddarSPTM signal processing software. The company is responsible for several innovations in cutting-edge mobility remote-sensing applications, with over 70 patented technologies (granted or pending) enhancing ADAS and autonomous driving capabilities.

LeddarTech also serves the mobility market with solid-state high-performance LiDAR module solutions for autonomous shuttles, trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, and robotaxis. These modules are developed to support the mobility market but also to demonstrate the capabilities of LeddarTech’s auto and mobility platform as a basis for other LiDAR suppliers to build upon.

Additional information about LeddarTech is accessible at, and on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and YouTube.

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