LeddarTech Newsletter,
Fall 2023 Edition

Optimizing ADAS Systems: A Deep Dive Into Sensor Fusion and Perception

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In case you missed it, we invite you to view a recent engaging and insightful webinar hosted by LeddarTech’s Daniel Aitken, VP of Global Marketing, Communications and Investor Relations and featuring our CTO Pierre Olivier and Hannah Osborn, Director of Business Development.

In this 30-minute video, Pierre and Hannah share what ADAS developers must consider when designing ADAS systems. They will explain the ramifications of increasing L2/L3 ADAS complexity on sensor architecture, sensor fusion and perception systems and how LeddarVision low-level sensor fusion and perception compares against other software solutions in the market.

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How do ADAS and E/E architecture interact and influence the future of mobility that will be lived and experienced through software-defined vehicles (SDV)? Before SDVs can be realized and delivered to the masses, critical changes must be made to the platforms on which they’re built. In this Tech Note, we examine how ADAS and perception systems influence the design of E/E architecture and the repercussions on SDVs. Sit back and enjoy the read.




“Unlocking the Future of ADAS: LeddarVision” – Experience the power of raw data sensor fusion with LeddarVision. Discover its advantages for automotive Tier 1 & 2s and OEMS: superior performance in object detection, flexibility across multiple sensor architectures, scalability for diverse ADAS systems and unwavering reliability aligned with automotive industry standards. Join us in shaping the future of mobility!


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