LeddarTech Showcasing LeddarVision, Its Award-Winning Sensor Fusion and Perception Software and Products at EcoMotion 2023 on May 22-24 in Tel Aviv, Israel


QUEBEC, May 10, 2023LeddarTech®, an automotive software company that provides innovative low-level sensor fusion and perception ADAS and AD software technology that is scalable and flexible while delivering high performance, today announces its participation as a Silver Sponsor at EcoMotion Week 2023 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The company, led by its Israeli-based technical experts, will demonstrate its award-winning technology at its booth and offer delegates the opportunity to experience it live on the road in their LeddarCar. In addition, LeddarTech’s CTO will chair a panel at the event.

Visit LeddarTech’s technology showcase featuring LeddarVision™, a high-performance, low-cost, scalable, hardware-agnostic low-level sensor fusion and perception solution for automotive and off-road industrial ADAS and AD applications. Witness the software’s high performance at various levels of autonomy in various scenarios, such as extreme weather conditions, via their award-winning demonstration dashboard.


LeddarVision Front-View (LVF) family of automotive software products addresses the challenges faced when developing Level 2/2+ ADAS applications, such as solving safety issues and finding scalable fusion and perception software that offers high performance at a low cost. These two distinct products are comprehensive low-level fusion and perception software stacks that optimally combine sensor modalities for Level 2/2+ ADAS applications achieving a 5-star NCAP 2025/GSR 2022 rating.

  • LeddarVision Front (Entry-Level) (LVF-E): This product pushes the performance envelope, potentially doubling the effective range of the sensors and enabling a solution operable with only three sensors.
  • LeddarVision Front (High-End) (LVF-H): With sensor configuration extended to 1V5R based on a single 3-megapixel 120-degree camera and five radars, the LVF-H stack extends the perception support to highway assist applications, including 160 km/h adaptive cruise control, 200-meter range and semi-automated lane change.

LeddarVision Surround (LVS-2+) efficiently extends the LVF front-view product family 1VxR sensor configuration to a 5V5R configuration, enhancing support to traffic jam assist (TJA) and highway assist (HWA) applications. It also enables applications such as automated lane change, overtaking and extended speed range adaptive cruise control (ACC).

Ride along: LeddarCar live – Delegates representing automotive Tier 1-2 suppliers and OEMs are invited to reserve an on-road demonstration of LeddarTech’s LeddarVision low-level fusion and perception software technology.

Participate: LeddarTech’s CTO Pierre Olivier will chair a panel entitled “Autonomous Vehicle 360: Use Cases.”

Pre-arrange a meeting for a product demonstration or to experience LeddarCar live.

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